LSE Proptech Limited (LSEPL) is engaged in the business of providing smart real estate management services/ solutions, digitization & storage (safe deposit vaults) of real estate titles/deeds, online realty marketplace and virtual transfer of real estate and real assets fractionalization solutions.

The Company has the vision to transform the real estate sector of Pakistan from its existing traditional business model. LSEPL shall elevate the real estate sector of Pakistan and shall bring it in line with the best international practices. The recent innovation in the Proptech market, corporate real estate management and digitalization trends shall be adopted. LSEPL shall be offering real estate management software solutions. The Company shall organize and manage the administration of the clients' commercial real estate. Digitalization of real estate records shall provide convenience in accessibility, cost efficiency, security, aid in administration and increase investment opportunities.

The Company plans to launch an internet platform, as the real estate marketplace online, which will serve as a conduit between customers and real estate agents, brokers, and property managers. The main function of a marketplace, which belongs to the multi-channel e-commerce category, is to facilitate easy service exchange and seamless transactions.

The Company shall also be pursuing a business model regarding fractionalization of real assets, which is a process through which an asset is fractionalized into smaller denominations, for the purpose of creating liquidity and tradability of an otherwise less liquid asset. Bringing asset fractionalization shall also have other benefits, such as democratizing ownership of high value real assets, additional investment avenues for investors, channelizing savings into the economy, bringing investments in real estate, eliminating fraudulent operations, enhanced security, visibility and transparency in real estate business. Presently, SECP is also contemplating of bringing assets fractionalization into its regulatory domain.

LSEPL was listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited (PSX) on June 12, 2023, where its Company Code/Security Symbol is “LSEPL”. It is quoted in the “Technology & Communication” Sector in the Daily Quotation of PSX. The present paid up capital of LSEPL is Rs. 900.907 million, with a free float of 55%. LSEPL also owns the land and substantial portion of Twin-Towers of LSE Plaza, located at 19-Khayaban-e-Aiwan-e-Iqbal, Lahore, where the registered office of the Company is also situated.